Wednesday, 2 March 2011

On bended knee...

Dear Amy,

I like to write. You like to write. I lived where you live and you lived (basically) where I live. We're both reluctantly enthusiastic mothers with an idea to do some things differently. It's nice to have support and conversation with people who don't think you are crazy for wanting your own path, even if we don't always share the path. In this spirit I was hoping you might like to blog with me. We can take turns crafting posts about whatever and being as we are in two very similar headspaces with two very hairy men, I think we could spark some interesting if not always helpful discussion and perhaps we will draw other like-minded people to us who will support us in times where we feel isolated and alone. Or maybe we'll just have a nice platform for venting about inlaws. Either way I'd be exstatic if you would say yes.



p.s I've been fumbling around on hoping to focus my intention to engage in a slow family life. Feel free to read this first. = )